Our quaint little take out restaurant is a gem among all the fast food places in Prince George. Privately and locally owned we strive to make the best possible food from the freshest possible ingredients, none of our soups are pre-bagged or processed by some facility in some secret location. All of our soups are made with the freshest ingredients, the most flavourful in-house made broths, and the love from our kitchen staff! Awwwww, thats sweet, isn't it!! (But true!!). Everything at The Salted Cracker is cooked or prepared to order.


We have our standard offerings of freshly grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu plus 4 everyday soups and 4 more soups that are rotated daily. Every special creation is prepared enthusiastically and passionately by our kitchen crew, and Head Chef, Jordan Reinitz.

Our History

It all began in December of 2014, when we opened our first location in beautiful downtown Prince George. We saw that there was a need for a quality soup and sandwich place and that it is how we came to be. The idea had been kicking around for years and then finally the time seemed right. With our quest for fresh homemade soup and comforting grilled cheese on our minds we brought The Salted Cracker into existence.

It became rather obvious that the one location was just not going to be enough to serve the soup and sandwich needs of our community. In response we have opened 3 more locations to cover all four corners of our city. These locations also have the added comforts of plenty of seating for those who would like to stay awhile and enjoy our awesome food.

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Call Us

(250) 562-1110


(250) 962-9000

Hart Highway

(250) 964-8007

College Heights

(250) 564-0747



We Cater!

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4 locations to serve you!
Locations Map

Downtown location
Open Tueday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Closed Sunday & Monday (Victoria Day)

Hart Hwy location
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Closed Sunday & Monday (Victoria Day)

College Heights location
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Closed Sunday & Monday (Victoria Day)

Spruceland location
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
Open Sunday & Monday (Victoria Day) from 11am to 5pm

Each day we feature a new group of four soups along with our 4 everyday soups. We have hundreds of soup recipes in our repertoire, so the menu is ever changing.
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