catering information

Yes, we do catering. There is a wide selection of hot and cold sandwiches that you choose as well as combine with a hot soup. You can also choose to combo up with salads and desserts.

Our everyday soups are clam chowder, creamy tomato, broccoli cheddar and chicken noodle. There is also the possibility of other soups depending on the size of your party.

Cold sandwiches can be ham and Swiss, egg salad, tuna salad, crunchy chipotle chicken wraps, turkey and some vegetarian options.

Salads are chefs salad, popeye salad and a hoisin chow mein salad.

We also have a chocolate pecan bar and raspberry crumble bars along with 3 different types of cookies.

Just let us know what your looking for using the form on this page and for how many people and we'll definitely take care of catering for you.

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Please note that catering requests through this form requires minimum 3 business days notice. If your request is more urgent, please call the store nearest to you.